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     Contractor:  MAC Construction, Inc.
     Project:  Kane County Fair Grounds
     Location:  St. Charles, IL

Job Description: Performed all site grading operations including excavation for site detention pond. Campton Excavating subgraded and exported more than 20,000 yards of excess material. Installed all water, sanitary, and storm site utilities.

     Contractor: Layton Construction Co., Inc.
     Project: Conway Freight
     Location: LaSalle, IL

Job Description: Installed water, sanitary, and storm piping on this 60 acre new freight handling facility. This work included 5000 LF of water main, 2000 LF of copper water services, 4300 ft of storm piping, and 3000 LF of sanitary.

     Contractor: MIC Construction Inc.
     Project: Kane County Animal Control Facility
     Location: Geneva, IL

Job Description: Campton Excavating performed all grading and site utilities for this project including significant undercuts on the building foundation.

     Contractor: Monarch Design and Construction LLC
     Project: Waterford Medical Plaza
     Location: Aurora, IL

Job Description: Performed site grading and balancing which included the removal of 25,000 cubic yards of unsuitable material and replaced with 25,000 cubic yards of structural fill under a building pad area. Campton also excavated for the foundation and retention pond.

     Contractor: Foxfield Construction
     Project: Melas Park
     Location: Mount Prospect, IL

Job Description: Campton Excavating stripped this 8 acre site of vegetation and topsoil and regraded it to develop several new athletic fields. 10,000 cubic yards of new topsoil was imported and re-spread. Campton also installed over 6,000 LF of underdrain and provided sewer and water feeds for the new park pavilion.

     Contractor: Kane County Water Resources
     Project: Campton Pines
     Location: St. Charles, IL

Job Description: Campton Excavating replaced approximately 2500 LF of failing field tile line to help drain the Campton Pines subdivision.



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